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We spend $6 billion on athletic shoes a year. The National Cancer Institute spent $2.4 billion in 1997 trying to find a cure for cancer.

Learning about Frogs

Frog DVDAre you interested in learning more about frogs? Our Learning About Frogs courses on the AALAS Learning Library will teach you all about the biology, physiological adaptations, anatomy, evolution, and ecology of frog and toad species in the United States.

In these courses, you will find many facts about frogs and toads that are very interesting—even funny! Lesson topics range from frog and toad anatomy to habitats. Matching games help you learn about different species of frogs and their characteristics, including various frog calls.

Both courses, Learning about Frogs: Introduction and Learning about Frogs: Advanced, feature all sorts of fun facts, information about careers in biomedical research, and much, much more.

Stop by our School Resources Library to explore the Learning About Frogs courses and other great courses!

Frog DVD Supplemental Files

The student guide (pdf) below supplements the Frogs: A Comprehensive Course for High School Students DVD, available free from the AALAS Bookstore.

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Donít people choose careers in medical research using animals because it is an easy way to receive funding dollars and make high salaries?
No. Most researchers could make more money in other careers. People choose to go into research because they want to find answers to complicated questions. Animal research is often a vital step in finding the answers. more...