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We spend $6 billion on athletic shoes a year. The National Cancer Institute spent $2.4 billion in 1997 trying to find a cure for cancer.


Hi, I’m Faith.  My current job title is Coordinator of Veterinary Care at a research facility in Florida. What do I do?  I have a lot of different tasks that keep mevery involved: animal husbandry (mostly mice), handling pigs for our monthly laparoscopic training lab, hiring new animal care technicians, training incoming personnel in proper animal handling procedures, preparing the facility for inspections, plus many others.

I have always loved animals.  Since 1968, I have owned and shown horses and later decided to become a veterinary technician.  I have worked in private veterinary practices since 1978 (small animals such as cats and dogs). I now maintain my California Registered Veterinary Technician License and am also a Certified Veterinary Technician in Florida.  

In 1994, I received my Florida Veterinary Technician newsletter and saw an ad for a position at a research facility in my area. As I had a good deal of work experience in private practice, I was able to take the AALAS Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT) exam and then took their Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) exam in October 1998.  I am now going to prepare for their Certified Manager of Animal Resources (CMAR) exam.  In addition to enabling me to fulfill my job description requirements, the AALAS certification experience has brought me much self-satisfaction and has allowed me to meet others in the field.

I have become even more active in laboratory animal science and have recently joined one of AALAS’ committees, the Committee on Technician Awareness & Development (CTAD), which promotes the importance of laboratory animal technicians to the overall research process.  The CTAD keeps me in touch with technicians all across the country as well as around the world. 

Laboratory animal science is an exciting field and I would encourage any of you to study hard in school and join me in making a difference.

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Donít people choose careers in medical research using animals because it is an easy way to receive funding dollars and make high salaries?
No. Most researchers could make more money in other careers. People choose to go into research because they want to find answers to complicated questions. Animal research is often a vital step in finding the answers. more...