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Just because an ingredient is labeled "natural" doesnít mean itís safe. Many plants and plant extracts can cause harmful health effects ranging from mild irritation to even death.

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Having a classroom pet can be a fun learning experience for both the student and the teacher. But it is also a great responsibility for everyone. Take the time to find out as much as possible about the animal(s) you're considering to ensure that you are able to keep your classroom pet healthy and happy. Click on the animal pictures below to learn about the basic care and needs of each species.

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Are researchers using more and more animals every year?
The number of animals used in research has actually declined in the past 20 years. As technology advances, researchers are able to rely on computer models and other methods instead of animal testing. Some estimates show a reduction in animal use as high as 50 percent. Since 1967, the number of cats used in research has dropped 66 percent.